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Victoria Skimboards

Laguna Beach, California has stood as a frontrunner in the surf industry for a long time. The Brooks Street Surfing Classic, started in 1955, is the longest running surf competition in the world. In 1976, skimboarding got its own claim to fame on the sands of Laguna Beach when the first “Vic” Skimboarding World Championship was held. It became the longest running competition of its kind in the world.

It was that same year that Victoria Skimboards was started by Tex Haines and Peter Prietto. Laguna Beach is widely considered to be the place that modern skimboarding was invented. A small group of talented riders that was familiar with Victoria Beach — a peaceful beach in the Laguna Beach area — introduced boards that became known as “double enders” because of the way both ends of the board came to a point. Haines and Prietto were both involved in the modern skimboarding movement, and when they launched Victoria Skimboards, it quickly became the driving force behind a sport that would continue to grow.

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Fresh Techniques and Designs

Soon, the outdoor sports community started taking notice of skimboarding. With access to an extremely talented group of young riders, Victoria found their boards featured in the pages of “Sports Illustrated” not long after the company was founded. Sadly, the magazine made a mistake and declared that Victoria Skimboards’ pro rider Tom Trager was surfing in the image they ran, instead of skimboarding.

Un-phased by the awkward publicity, Victoria continued to build the boards they enjoyed. As their designs progressed, so did the sport. They became the first in the industry to use the “rocker” shaping techniques found on nearly all professional quality boards today. They also offered the first foam-core board designs in the 1980s, delivering increased buoyancy and low weight — and they even pioneered the vacuum bag construction process that is now used across the entire skimboarding industry.

These days, of course, we know that skimboarding is here to stay. While there have been some excellent manufacturers to follow Victoria’s lead, there can only be one first. Outdoor Board Sports is your connection to buying Victoria skimboards online, with a large variety of shapes and sizes available.

Find New Victoria Skimboards That Fit Your Style

With the Victoria Woody, the industry’s pioneers are rewriting the rulebook for wooden skimboards. What sounds like a simple board at first is, in fact, a modern take on the classic wooden board design — it features a fiberglass bottom and hand-painted graphics. The hybrid construction allows the board to remain light without sacrificing strength, and its versatile, single-tip shape makes it a great choice for beginner riders that will last for years to come.

More advanced riders will want to check out the Victoria Grommet, an exceptionally lightweight, high-performance board built to make swift turns. Made of mid-density PVC, the Grommet is easy to spot thanks to the wide variety of eye-catching designs available.

Regardless of your style or skill level, Victoria makes skimboards for individuals of all backgrounds. Contact Outdoor Board Sports today to learn more about choosing the right board, or browse our selection of Victoria skimboards today.