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Are you looking for a new hobby, or are you looking to add some style to your current skimboard? There are a lot of different factors that go into selecting a board and buying skimboards online. Your height, weight, riding style and even where you ride are all important characteristics, and Outdoor Board Sports can help you find the best skimboard accessories to match your needs.

Size: All skimboards come in different sizes, and your weight isn't the only factor you should use in finding the right size skimboard. The 3 main factors are: weight, how fast you can run, and wave height. Confused? We have a size chart for you! Another pointer you can also consider is whether you think you might gain a couple pounds as the years go by, in which case you want to add another inch or two to the boards we have for sale.

Design: Board design and material are important to consider because different combinations are better suited for different riding styles, flatland vs. waves. Here is a Guide on the Differences in Design.

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Find Boards From the Most Trusted Manufacturers

Our selection of boards comes from three outstanding skimboard manufacturers:

  • Zap Skimboards — Zap Skimboards are one of the most well-known names in the sport. On the scene since 1983, these pro-level boards were the result of surfer Bob Smett’s desire to expand his creative endeavors beyond surfboards. Many of the tools and processes used in building Zap boards come directly from Smett’s garage. Even better, modern technology has allowed the Zap name to expand worldwide and assemble an impressive young team of riders.

  • Victoria Skimboards Victoria is another highly respected brand that has been around since the early days of skimming. Based in Laguna Beach California, Victoria was one of the first brands to introduce the regular use of foam in their board construction and the now popular rocker design. Today, Victoria fields some of the most progressive new athletes on the pro skim board scene.

  • Apex Skimboards — New on the scene and gaining momentum quickly, Apex skimboards are professionally shaped and available in glass and carbon fiber. As one of the first online retailers of Apex Skimboards, Outdoor Board Sports is able to offer amazing deals on high-quality Apex boards. Not only will you get an affordable price, but we’ll also send your custom color scheme to Apex for a ride that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Just use the drop-down menus on each Apex product page to make your color selections.

Choose Your Size and Design

At Outdoor Board Sports, all skimboards come in different sizes. Your weight isn't the only factor you should to find the right size skimboard. Along with weight, you should also consider how fast you can run and wave height. Confused? Browse our size chart for an easy guide! Riders who are still growing should also remember that the board that fits them now might not be ideal as they get bigger and stronger. If you want to allow some room to grow, you may want to choose a board that’s a bit larger than the chart indicates.

Board design and material are other important characteristics, because different combinations are better suited for different riding styles, such as flatland vs. waves. Our team put together a guide on the differences in design, so you can find the right design to match your approach to skimboarding.

Ultimately, the skimboard accessories you choose will help you put your mark on your new board. A traction pad is a great way to inspire confidence if you’re still getting used to skimming and maintaining balance on your board. On the other hand, board wax is essential if you want to get the most speed and performance from your board — it’s available in different formulas that are made to work in warmer or colder water. Browse our selection of skimboards for sale today, and learn about which accessories and skimboards are eligible for free shipping.