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How to Install a Boogieboard Leash Plug

Installing a bodyboard leash plug is easy! If it’s your first time installing a plug in your new $200 bodyboard, it’s going to feel like you’re taking a screw driver and punching a hole in a nice new leather seat. It won’t feel right! But that’s how you do it. You will need the following items:


Cigarette Lighter


Bodyboard Plug


Take the ruler, and measure about 6-8 inches down from the nose of the board. Next you need to know if you have 1 or 2 stringers. If you want more info on what a stringer is, please read our Components of a Bodyboard Guide. If your board has 1 stringer, the stringer will run down the middle of the board, dead center. So you will have to either choose an inch to the right or an inch to the left to punch a hole. If there are 2 stringers you may punch a hole in the dead center.

Heat the Screwdriver

After choosing where you would like your bodyboard plug to go, heat up the screw driver with the lighter. Punch a hole with the heated screwdriver through the bodyboard. Once all the way through the deck, turn the board over and put the heated screwdriver through once more to make the openings flush with the board.

Plug the Hole

Lastly, take the 2 parts of the plug and insert them into the holes. The best way to screw them together is with a quarter. Get them nice and snug but do not overtighten since the plugs are usually made of plastic. You’re all done! Just clip your leash on and you’re ready to go.