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How to Install Skimboard Traction Pads

Getting those new traction pads on your board can be as quick and easy as slapping them on there, or if you’re really in love with your board you’ll want to make sure they’re centered perfectly and will last as long as the board does. So, we’ll skip the easy slap job and explain how to apply them with a more detailed approach.

Things you’ll need to do this:

1. Alcohol

2. Rag

3. Tape

4. Pencil

Step 1: Put some alcohol on that rag and clean right around where you would like the tailpad and arch bar to go. Then dry it off.

Step 2: Take the tape and put a long piece down from tip to tail and center it.

Step 3: Without peeling off the adhesive tape on the traction pads, place your tailpad and arch bar down on the board to figure out where you’d like them. The tailpad should be as far back on the skimboard as possible. The arch bar should be about 3-5 inches from the tip of the board depending on your style. Make sure the pads are centered, using the tape you laid down to help you, then outline them with the Pencil (not to worry, the pencil marks will come right off the board).

Step 4: Peel off the long piece of tape that you used to center everything. Then take off the adhesive covering on the traction pads and place the pads within the penciled outlines. Make sure to press down on these pads hard to get them really stuck on there.

Step 5: Let the traction pads sit overnight to allow the glue enough time to harden. This will ensure they don’t come off.

These tips will work when trying to install any of our Skimboard Traction Pads.