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Bodyboard Size Chart
The most important of our guides is this one right here. We
will hold your hand from start to finish so we can make sure
you leave our site with everything you need to know about
getting started bodyboarding.

Complete List: Parts of a Bodyboard
This is an in depth list of all the parts on your bodyboard that affect performance and how your board feels in the water.
Leash Guides & FAQ's

This is your guide to finding a leash that will always secure you to your board. We have the answers to some important questions that we've had people ask us throughout our time in business.

How to Install a Plug
This guide is going to teach you how to punch a hole in your board with a hot metal object. Don't worry, we're professionals!
Fin Guides & FAQ's
Finding fins that fit well and don't hurt your feet is one of the most important parts involved in the buying a bodyboard process. We have listed here techniques to help you find the perfect fins.
Essential Add-Ons
Got a board, fins, and a leash? Well you're almost done! Bodyboarders also find that these add-on's will complete their setup.
Bodyboard FAQ's
A number of common questions on all aspects of
bodyboarding that we've encountered over our time selling these things.