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Apex Skimboards

Being the new kid on the block can be a challenge, but the team at Apex Skimboards has embraced their sport with the passion and drive it takes to be innovators. And the Apex line of boards and accessories is getting noticed for good reason. Located in Largo, Florida, Apex was started in 2008 by a small and committed team.

With only their name to go on, Apex stunned the skimboarding world with the introduction of a new design that has taken beaches by storm. Called the Apex Skimboards Avac, this new design is the culmination of rider experience and modern technology — many intermediate-level skimboarding enthusiasts believe it’s one of the best skimboards on the market today for their skill level. At Outdoor Board Sports, we’re proud to have a wide selection of Apex skimboards for sale, and we’re excited to see where these prodigious shapers will lead the world of skimboarding.

If you would like additional guidance on selecting a skimboard please refer to our Skimboard Buying Guide.

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The Apex Design

Where does the magic in this fiberglass phenomenon lie? It begins with multiple layers of high-quality woven E-glass fiberglass wrapped around a foam core. The core of each Avac is custom-sized to the length of the finished product, and it receives front, rear and rail-band reinforcement to ensure years of stellar performance.

Avac ingredients are combined in a Vacuum mold and each resulting board receives just the right amount of rocker to deliver the desired riding experience. Shorter Avac boards are made to float, offering beginners a supportive ride. The 41” and 46” Avac boards incorporate 3/8” and ½” respective core sizes, which helps novice riders transition into turning and attacking waves. At the top of the Avac line, the 51” board features a 5/8” core just like the Apex Pro and other competition-level skimboards.

You’ll find the same advanced technology and attention to detail in every Apex skimboard for sale at Outdoor Board Sports. The Apex Fish is a signature Apex design made for high speeds and technical tricks, thanks to its twin-tail design. The Apex Original — the board that started it all — is a classically shaped, competition-level twin-tip board made to the highest standards. If you want a truly unique board, check out the custom ride of Apex pro Jack Tenny, the 10-E Jack Tenny. It’s a carbon fiber monster of a board that combines Apex’s superb shaping knowledge and technology to deliver technical dominance in the water.

Customize Your Board at Outdoor Board Sports

What’s better than an American-made pro-level board? An American-made pro-level board with sweet custom graphics! Every Apex skimboard for sale at Outdoor Board Sports can be customized to sport the color scheme of your choice. Just use the drop-down menus available at the top of the product page to select the color for each area of your board.

There’s no better place to buy Apex skimboards online, so browse our selection and choose a board complete with custom graphics. Stand out on the water, and invest in a brand that’s revolutionizing the way skimboards are made. Contact us today !