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The Apex Original is made using only the highest quality materials and uses vacuum technology to evenly seal the board when it's made. The Original is a great skimboard that can be used anywhere.

These boards are fully customizable: E-glass or Carbon fiber, Color, Design (yes we can put any image you want on there!), Logo, and Wording.

This skimboard has a pin tail and narrow nose. These features give it exceptional turning ability, and huge pop off the lip. This performance is hard to get elsewhere but will give you the ability to shred any wave. For help on choosing a skimboard, please refer to our Skimboard Buying & Size Guide.

*Lead time for Apex Pro models (10-E, Pro, Original, & Fish) will be about 10 business days, lead times may increase during peak season. Orders may be cancelled within 48 hours of being placed.
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