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The Avac is a true piece of art in the skim world. Before you pick this board up, you will notice a design unique to Apex, with bright and dark colors in just the right places on the top and bottom. The board looks terrific. When it's in your hands, you'll notice that the Avac model is a true high performance skimboard. It's made with multiple layers of woven E-glass fiberglass, high density foam core, vacuum mold technology and reinforced throughout. This is a very durable, light weight skimboard

Considering the affordable price, Avac is the best bang for your buck for a pro-shape skimboard. Whether you’re getting started or stepping up to contest skimming, the Avac will let you conquer with ease and a smile. For help on choosing a skimboard, please refer to our Skimboard Buying & Size Guide

*Please note Avacs will ship 2-5 business days after purchase (unless "Ships Next Day" Avac is bought), but during peak season the lead time may increase. Orders may be cancelled within 48 hours after being placed.
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